Discover the Danube in Serbia

Meet the place where the Danube is the widest

Eastern Serbia - sightseeing tour of Danube's most popular spots have 390 km in total. Take this 1 day trip to meet the place where the Danube is the widest, nature is the greenest, and magic is the strongest. Just one day on Danube will keep you fascinated for life time. Fall in love with gorges landscapes of Iron Gate gorge, discover ancient Europe culture & art and taste Serbian flavors.C

Powerful and mighty Danube is located on the border of untouched nature and the earliest and modern civilizations. Throughout its course Danube tells us a fascinating story about us, which is best illustrated by an inimitable landscapes.

Come and capture it's beauty with your senses...


Golubac, the city famous for it’s monumental medieval fortress on the right side of Danube, at the entrance to Djerdap canyon. The first records of the fortress are from 1335. This impressive structure has nine towers, of which the largest is also the tallest. The fortress is under state protection as a symbol of Serbia’s cultural heritage.

Lepenski Vir

Lepenski Vir is an important Mesolithic archaeological site. It consists of one large settlement with around ten satellite villages. The evidence suggests the first human presence in the locality around 7000 BC with the culture reaching its peak between 5300 BC and 4800 BC. Numerous piscine sculptures and peculiar architecture are testimony to a rich social and religious life led by the inhabitants and the high cultural level of these early Europeans.


The Danube basin was the site of some of the earliest human cultures and Once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire.The Romans often used the Danube as a northern border for their empire, which is evidenced by numerous fortresses and buildings from that period, which made Danube today an important tourist and natural spot.

Kapetan Misin Breg

Eco - ethno complex, "Captain Mishin Breg" is located in the heart of the Iron Gates gorge in the middle of the national park. With elevations where it is located, you can see the most beautiful view of the sunset in the Iron Gate.