Roman Heritage - Sirmium

Roman heritage - the Byzantine Empire in Serbia

It was one of the most important towns of the Roman Empire in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th centuries AD. It was designated one of the capitals of the Empire in 294 AD and the significance of Sirmium for the entire Empire can be seen in the archaeological remains.

“Beyond the high-rise canyons of Novi Beograd (‘New Belgrade’) and the swampy forested island of Veliko Ratno Ostrvo (‘Great War Island’) that squats midstream, incongruously pacific, it should be possible to discern a small hill with a lighthouse-shaped tower on top. This is Gardoš Hill in Zemun, a town, now a Belgrade suburb, which lies on the Danube’s south bank just beyond New Belgrade.

Lunch in the local restaurant. After lunch drive back to Belgrade.