Spiritual Serbia - Vojvodina

Krusedol Monastery

The monastery is the legacy of the last Serbian despot family of Srem-Brankovic. It was built between 1509 and 1514. The whole family including Djuradj Brankovic and Stefan Lazarevic, as well as two patriarchs of the Serb Orthodox Church, were buried in Krušedol. It is shown on the 5 Dinar coin.

Grgeteg Monastery

This monastery is situated in the south of Fruška Gora very close to the village of Grgeteg. The monastery church is dedicated to Saint Nicholas. According to popular tradition it was founded by Despot Vuk Grgurević (known as Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk) in 1471.


Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora is proclaimed a National Park in 1960 in order to provide its permanent protection and to improve its natural resources and beauty. The area of active protection is 25.525 ha. Fruska Gora is an isolated, narrow, island mountain in Pannonia plain. It is intended by river courses extending to the south and north, with some side ranges with steep slopes, spreading from the main narrow range. Its location, specific geological history and different microclimatic conditions make it very interesting and important to science. Thanks to unique and very rich deposits of fossil fauna and flora, Fruska Gora is called the 'mirror of geological past'. Fruska Gora's valleys are covered with pastures and fertile fields, numerous vineyards and orchards which decorate its lower slopes while higher ground, above 300 meters, is covered with dense deciduous forests. Fruska Gora hides 16 orthodox monasteries famous for their specific architecture, treasuries, libraries and frescoes and numerous archeological sites from prehistoric and historic times as well. Due to its outstanding natural resources, wonderful landscapes, exceptional charm and beauty, that will bring you closer to nature, Fruska Gora is ideal place for rest and recreation. The main characteristic of this region is the existence of numerous protected, rare and endangered species.

Fruska Gora - The Holy mountain

The Fruska Gora Monasteries are the unique group of thickly situated monasteries built in the period from XV to XVIII century. 35 monasteries were built in a marvelous natural setting. Fifteen have been preserved till today. This historical and sacral complex has been enlisted for UNESCO program of protection. There are many other monasteries: Staro Hopovo, Novo Hopovo, Sremska Ravanica (in Vrdnik Spa), Velika Remeta, Jazak, Mala Remeta…